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Stephen Hufford Food Safety Consulting is headquartered near Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in food safety concerns on a nationwide scale. Whether you’re a large company or small business owner, I can assist you in building a comprehensive food safety program. In addition, I can provide Approved HACCP Training for your employees. I bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize your program to your individual business needs.

My career started in the meat industry many years ago. Since that time, I have worked in virtually every segment of the food industry from guacamole to bread, peanut butter to confectionery along with food contact packaging. I will  give you exceptional advice that will protect your company and last for years to come.

Get in touch with me to set up a no-cost phone consultation. Let me explain how I work and how I can build a superior food safety system for your company.


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Areas of Consulting and Training

HACCP- Approved Training – International HACCP Alliance


International HACCP Alliance Approved course as required by all Global Food Safety Initiative schemes, U.S.D.A. and F.D.A. This course can be conducted at your site. All persons taking the course will be awarded a certificate with the International HACCP Alliance seal and be placed in their registry.


Writing of Pre-Requisite Programs and SOP’s

The foundation of HACCP and GFSI Systems are  Pre-Requisite Programs and Standard Operating Procedures. I have written the complete programs for many companies from their inception. If your Gap Analysis determines that you need a few programs or for all of them to be created, I can do this for your company. The programs will be written to meet the specific needs of your firm.

HACCP  and Program Development                                                              

Stephen Hufford Food Safety Consulting has written, edited and reviewed over 125 HACCP Programs. I can write a comprehensive HACCP Program for your company including all these aspects:

Design of a HACCP Flow Chart, a Hazard Analysis, Determination of Critical Control Points (CCP's), Setting Critical Limits for CCP’s, Monitoring Procedures and Corrective Actions, Verification Procedures to ensure your HACCP system is working, Validation Procedures to ensure your HACCP system is effective, establishing a Record-Keeping and Documentation Procedure and creating Pre-Requisite Programs needed to support HACCP.


Internal and Third Party Audits

After the programs are written and the training has been completed, it is essential to verify that your food safety system is effective. I can help your firm establish an Internal Auditing program for your company. Internal Auditing is a major component of GFSI schemes. Additionally, if you are not a GFSI facility but your customers desire you to be audited, I can perform a Third Party Audit of your facility. If you desire that your suppliers be audited I can perform these as well, along with helping set up a Supplier Approval Program.

GFSI Gap Analysis and Program Writing                                                              

Are you considering a GFSI Scheme (SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000)? I can help. I am a trained SQF Practitioner who has also taken the SQF Lead Auditor training. I have helped several companies in gaining SQF Certification and converting from SQF Edition 7.2 to Edition 8. Additionally, I have worked on many FSSC 22000 projects helping firms to gain their certification. I participated in the FSSC 22000 Harmonization Conference in Miami last fall. I have helped firms convert their programs from SQF to BRC. Regardless of the GFSI scheme, I can perform the Gap Analysis, program writing and assist your company through the certification process.

FDA/FSMA compliance – 21 CFR Part 117

FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) was created by the F.D.A. as a measure to improve the food safety of United States food plants. It covers all plants except for Meat and Poultry, Juice and Seafood. It is a complex program that is being implemented in 2018. I can help you sift through the regulations and prepare the needed programs to meet the compliance standard.


“It’s never safe enough....
— David Theno, PH.D.


Let's Get Acquainted

I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and learn of your company's needs. I have worked with all types of companies from those with just a few employees to large multi-national corporations. My approach is to ensure that all food products you produce are safe and meet your customers' expectations. My first call with you is a no-cost consultation. Following that introduction, we can find out if you would like to proceed with my consulting services and/or HACCP Training. I am an independent food safety consultant. I have my own consultancy along with working for some of the premier food safety consulting companies in the United States. I can offer excellent services along with very competitive pricing and costs due to my independent status. 

Please contact me by phone or email and we can set up a mutually agreeable time to talk.

Stephen Hufford

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