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Depending on the type of project, whether it's consulting, training or auditing, I will quote you a rate prior to starting the work. The pricing quote will be specified in the contract that both the client and I sign. My rates are very competitive with all the pricing upfront, no surprises. Expenses are kept low. If you are a client within 75 miles or less, no expenses are charged to your account.

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Once you contact me, I'll call you back within 24 hours to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Please be as detailed as possible in your first contact email. Include the services you need along with your detailed contact information. I will begin to determine your needs and how I can provide the assistance requested right away. All clients are handled with personalized service. You'll receive the very best services available from an industry professional with extensive experience. I will work to make sure that you achieve the results you require for your business. After you become a client, I will always be here to assist you with your future needs.



Chicago, IL


Direct Line (219)671-7840


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